Why are regular eye exams important?

Think you don’t need to see an eye doctor because your vision is fine?  Think again.

Eye exams aren’t only for people with poor vision. They’re an important way of detecting eye problems before you have symptoms. We can also catch other health problems — like diabetes — early.

Glaucoma doesn’t have any warning signs – the eyes don’t hurt or get red – you just start to lose your vision.   If it’s been more than a few years since your last appointment — or if you’ve never had one — it’s time to schedule a trip to see us here at Twelve Bridges Vision Care.

The American Optometric Association recommends the following guidelines for eye examinations for people who are at low risk for developing eye problems:

Our vision is our most precious gift, and one that most people consider to be one of their most important senses.   It is the one sense people are most eager to preserve their entire life.   Maintaining healthy eyes is a priority to everyone, and our patients frequently ask how they can preserve their vision.   Current research has taught us that the risk of many eye diseases can be decreased with proper diet, lifestyle, and regular eye exams.   You hold the keys to your health.