We believe that the selection of a personalized contact lens solution needs to be based on your vision issues, prescription, overall eye health, lifestyle, age and comfort. Dr. LeSueur and our entire staff are very hands-on and will personally customize the right contact lens for YOU. Whether it be single vision lenses, lenses to correct for astigmatism, multifocal lenses, or even specialty lenses for those patients who have keratoconus or other unique conditions. Ask about daily or one-use lenses. Dr. LeSueur is a big proponent of these lenses, as they provide the best in comfort, convenience, and are by far the healthiest option for the eyes.

Our office is well stocked with diagnostic lenses of all the best brands in a huge variety of prescriptions. So it is very likely that you will leave our office with trial lenses on your first visit. Our goal will be to stock an inventory of lenses so that patients may purchase them while in office.

We keep our prices for contact lens products as low as possible so we are competitive with major online retailers. Plus, we offer an extra 10% discount if you buy a one year supply of contacts, and a 5% discount if you buy a half-years supply of contact lenses at once. Combine that with available rebates, we often beat the prices found at the big box stores or online vendors.